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Monday, September 19, 2011

Wear The Wild Things Are

 Liquid Top: Lane Bryant/ Skirt: Custom / Jessica Simpson "Cornelia" Boot: Macys
I've been called and have gladly called myself gaudy on more than one occasion. What can I say, I love extravagance, glitz, bells, and whistles. I'd like to think that as I walk on the wilder side I don't sacrifice taste, maintaining a ferocious finesse. Let's face it, animal prints can come across as cheap and tacky. For this reason, these prints have long been my guilty pleasure. Although, I love, love, love them, I often find myself trying to explain or justify my infatuation with them. In fact,  a month ago I actually  agreed to quit animal prints. The plan was to wear the items I already own, but refrain from making new purchases. I barely made it into the next week. It's safe to say, there will be no taming of the beast, and that's fine! 

Some new and old faves from my closet

Top left to right: XOXO Willow Wedge /Juicy Couture Leopard Daydream Bag
Kate Spade "lauralee" Crossbody Bag/ Steve Madden"Brinkk" Peep Toe Wedge
Fifi & Elvis by Beverly Feldman "Twinkle" ballet flats/ Roberto Cavalli "Giaguaro" Wrestling Shoe

Jessica Simpson "Cornelia" Boot:

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